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Top 10 Cool Motorcycle Helmet Customization Ideas

Top 10 Cool Motorcycle Helmet Customization Ideas

Motorcycle helmets provide much more than protection. They also provide canvasses for two-wheeled rebels to display their unbridled personalities!

From cool fighter pilot-inspired designs that will have you looking like you belong in a Russian MIG rather than on a bike to the downright crazy and nightmarish, there are endless possibilities when it comes to cool motorcycle customization ideas.

Since there’s only so much room on a page, here’s a look at ten in particular that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and drop jaws everywhere you go.

1. Roof Boxer

The Roof Boxer is one of the most unique stock helmets to ever come along. Looking like it belongs far, far in the future, this inspiring helmet seems just as suited for racing across the galaxy as it does for maneuvering through city streets. Whether you give it a crazy custom paint job, only add a few stripes, or leave it as is and black as midnight, it’s sure to draw attention wherever you go.

2. Lightmode Helmet

The recent product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Lightmode helmets use EL wire to illuminate in any design their owners like. In addition to looking pretty darn cool when cruising at night, Lightmode technology increases rider visibility and safety as well.

3. Fighter Jet Helmet

Appropriately dubbed “The Fighter Jet Helmet” by yours truly, the Stealth Phantom is one sick helmet that looks like it’s ready to go Mach 5 and pull 6 Gs! This fighter jet-inspired helmet looks freakin’ awesome as is, and while you don’t have to paint your call sign on the side like “Maverick” or “Iceman,” it would look great customized with your own finishing touch.

4. Badass German Helmet

The Bell Rogue, AKA the Badass German Helmet, looks like nothing else on the market. Part Mad Max , part WW II German army helmet, it definitely makes a statement and looks great on the head of any bobber-riding rebel rouser.

5. Iron Man Helmet

Remember playing with toys or watching cartoons when you were a kid and dreaming about being a superhero? Well, with the super cool and unique Iron Man Helmet, you can live out those childhood fantasies while tearing up the asphalt. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to fly and you definitely won’t survive a rocket blast to the dome, but you’ll definitely feel a lot faster and borderline invincible with this Marvel-ous helmet atop your shoulders. However, it’s for novelty only, so don’t get any ideas.

6. Shark Raw Soyouz

Menacing face mask, check. Built-in goggle system, check. Front and center red nautical star that screams CCCP, check. The one-of-a-kind Shark Raw Soyouz has all of these features and then some, making it one of the most interesting helmets being made today. Just remember, the Cold War’s over, so skip the rocket launcher pipes and settle for a little tough-looking matte black paint instead.

Cool Looking Helmets

7. Alien Helmet

This realistic “Alien” helmet is scary enough to scare the bejeezus out of anyone you pull up behind. This monstrous futuristic motorcycle helmet features an HJC base helmet, and the final shape is made using innovative Sandwich Composite technology. Thus, the safety of the helmet isn’t affected one bit, allowing you to ride anywhere and have your picture taken a hundred times along the way.


From Woodpeckers To Helmets

 From Woodpeckers To Helmets


No Biking in the House Without a Helmet

 No Biking in the House Without a Helmet


The M-1 Helmet: A History

 The M-1 Helmet: A History

8. Predator Helmet

What’s cooler than an “Alien” helmet? How about a “Predator” helmet? Designed to provide adequate protection yet look nearly identical to the helmet worn by the title character in the popular “Predator” franchise, this crazy custom takes role play to a whole other level.

9. Steampunk Helmet

Steampunkers love putting their originality and creativity on full display. A normal person sees a pile of junk and thinks nothing of it. A steampunker, however, can see that same pile of junk and turn it into a full-on work of art. That’s what you get with a steampunk helmet; a work of art.

10. Bell Vortex Flying Tiger Helmet

The custom painted design of the Bell Vortex Flying Tiger Helmet is made to resemble a WWII-era fighter plane, big white teeth and all. Representing classic Americana at its finest, the Flying Tiger is a cool and fearsome custom that will make the newest of riders look like a certified badass with a need for speed.


Well, there you have it. You’ve just seen 10 crazy cool custom helmets you can wear as is and receive oohs and aahs everywhere you go.

While all of these helmets already possess an undeniable cool factor, you can replicate them yourself. All it takes is a little creativity, ingenuity, and a great base helmet.

Be sure to check out our motorcycle helmet reviews and buying guide to discover a variety of awesome helmets just waiting for a custom touch!