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Best BMX Helmet: Detailed Reviews with Comprehensive Buying Guide

Best BMX Helmet: Detailed Reviews with Comprehensive Buying Guide

Wearing the best BMX helmet does not only assure your safety yet makes you look confident and stylish simultaneously. 

However, we understand that it is quite challenging for children, young guys, and even grown-ups to wear a helmet for long hours. It ordinarily occurs because of the inconvenience it causes for several reasons like perspiring, skin abrasion, etc. That is why we suggest you always choose your helmet wisely. 

We have picked up some of the best BMX helmets to accommodate you in keeping your hand on the most favorable one.

BMX helmet

Best BMX Helmet Reviews

Here is the list of the BMX helmets that we have evaluated below. Keep reading to find out their subtleties, highlighted features, pros, and cons.

1. Triple Eight Sweatsaver BMX Helmet

Triple Eight Sweatsaver BMX Helmet
Image credit: Triple Eight


Triple Eight Sweat saver is a popular and stylish helmet based on sweat-saving technology. Its high shock-absorbing EPS foam with thick dual density soft foam ensures your protection and comfortability. While riding a bike, getting sweaty is what you must not want to feel. 

Like other cool BMX helmets, it has a sound ventilation system. It also incorporates a two-layered moisture-wicking liner to provide you a cool ride. Interestingly, these internal liners contain removable as well as washable clothes. Also, it permits you to customize the fit of your helmet using an adjustable dial and straps with a side release buckle.

This dual-certified BMX helmet complies with US CPSC safety standards and ASTM F-1492. It is also a multi-purpose helmet that works for BMX biking, scooting, skateboarding, and roller skating.


  • Dual certified
  • Comfortable
  • Sweat saver liner
  • Adjustable chinstrap
  • Good Ventilation
  • Affordable


  • A bit heavy
  • Absence of Polystyrene form
  • Incompetent straps


This multi-impact helmet adds value to your loved ones or your lifetime. Its exclusive design is suitable for everyday riding with ease and stability. Thus, it lasts longer and fulfills your expectations.

2. KORIMEFA BMX Bike Helmet

Image credit: KORIMEFA


KORIMEFA is an absolute helmet with a super aerodynamic design. The availability of removable and washable sponge lining makes it easy to keep clean. Typically, the strap’s buckle either gets tarnished, discolored, or damaged, but this helmet serves you with a durable clip along with an alterable nylon strap. 

The inner breathable foam inhibits sweat from dripping and makes it a suitable choice for you. Furthermore, you can also custom fit the helmet around your head using its adjustment dial


  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Removable & Washable liners
  • Long-lasting
  • Nylon-based straps
  • Custom Fit


  • No visor


KORIMEFA BMX bicycle helmet works well for outdoor sports. It is flexible enough to get fitted on anyone’s head easily.

3. TurboSke Racing BMX Helmet

TurboSke Racing BMX Helmet
Image credit: TurboSke


A multi-sport protective gear like TurboSke is comparatively better than the rest options.  It is useable for cycling, skateboarding, BMX, roller skating, rollerblading, biking, etc. The hard ABS shell of this helmet effectively reduces the risks of your head injury. Its inner thickened EPS foam contains two reinforced layers glued within the helmet for superior protection

Although it covers your full head, yet provides sufficient ventilation. The availability of numerous vents pulls the fresh air in a while, expelling out the stale air to keep your head fresh and cool. Its quick-release buckle makes it easy to wear on and off and is adjustable too. This helmet’s most exciting feature is that it has a detachable adjustment system to maintain or replace whenever needed quickly. 

If you feel conscious about having a comfortable yet snug fit, this helmet is a perfect choice. It allows you to get the desired fit by adequately sizing the adjustment dial. 

TurboSke is such a BMX race helmet that complies with 16 CFR part 1203 and CE EN 1078 safety standards after passing various tests. 


  • Super Protective
  • Multi-purpose
  • Snug fit
  • Adjustable sizing


  • Straps are difficult to adjust


This matte black BMX helmet is of high-quality that provides you with protection and makes sure the confidence. Its black color, style, and premium design make it more versatile and durable.

4. Bavilk Classic BMX Helmet

Bavilk Classic BMX Helmet
Image credit: Bavilk


Bavilk helmets of different colors don’t only make you look attractive and stylish, yet make you more visible to stand out from others. Keeping you secure is the fundamental purpose; this helmet does its job entirely. It has a hard ABS shell with a high shock-resisting ability and an intense EPS foam to absorb shock while providing you a smooth ride. It completely covers your head from all sides to ensure maximum safety. To keep your head cool, it involves 12 rectangular air vents

This helmet comes in three different sizes to adjust the dial and fit it on your head. It has a nylon-based strap with a high-impact buckle to quickly connect or disconnect. Buying a Bavilk helmet will give you an extra drawstring bag to store and carry things feasibly. 


  • Fits well
  • Sturdy
  • Easily adjustable


  • Straps get too tight


Bavilk is a simple choice with a classic style and fashionable look. It is available in various sizes for different genders, and ages such as kids, young, and adults.  Its multiple solid colors with matte finishing enhance its overall appearance, whereas the multi-sporting feature adds to the versatility.

5. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Freestyle BMX Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Freestyle BMX Helmet
Image credit: Pro-Tec


Having a durable helmet like this Pro-Tec Classic is worthy. It usually demands a bit more money yet makes it a long-term investment for you. While wearing this helmet, you don’t need to worry about your riding speed, as its high-impact-based outer ABS shell is always ready to protect your head in any case. Additionally, it has an internal EPS foam with compression molded pads that maintains the comfort level even on low impacts or bumps. 

Moreover, the presence of 11 air vents within the structure delivers you a cool ride. Its adjustable straps have a secure locking buckle that requires not much effort. 

All pro BMX helmets of this brand have several valid certifications as it meets the standards of ASTM 1492/1497, CE EN1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063:2008. Hence, you can have ultimate trust on their helmet for your security. 


  • Maximum impact absorption
  • Passes all safety standards
  • Highly durable
  • Versatile


  • Scratches become more visible on their matte finish


The classic Pro-tec helmet is a favorite one for almost every sport. It claims to be the most stylish protective gear trending for years. It is available in all sizes from XS-XXL. Also, it allows you to choose from a wide range of sizes and styles.

6. Nochicass Young Riders BMX Helmet

Nochicass Young Riders BMX Helmet
Image credit: Nochicass


The helmet involves adjustable chin straps with chin pads to avoid scratching your child’s sensitive skin. It has a simple strap buckle, easy to fasten and release. Its unique crack adjustment dialing system is at the helmet’s back with a spinning knob to ensure a perfect fit. 

Like other helmets, it occupies 11 air vents to deliver maximum ventilation and highly breathable internal foam. Its thickened internal padding system provides sufficient shock absorption along with sweat absorption. These pads are removable, thus allows you to wash or clean them easily. 


  • Highly Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Removable & washable pads
  • Perfect fit


  • The outer structure is not hard enough


The Nochichass is the best kids BMX bike helmet. It ensures your child’s safety and comfort at almost every level. Also, it is available in various colors, including black, blue, red, and pink.

7. Giro Dime MIPS Kids BMX Helmet

Giro Dime MIPS Kids BMX Helmet
Image credit: Giro


Giro Dime is a market-leading BMX helmet. The unique feature that makes it popular is the usage of MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System). It provides integrated protection and regeneration of energy in case of any mishap. 

Giro BMX helmets comply with US CPSC Safety Standards for Bicycle Helmets for one year and older. It has a fantastic fit due to its Fit Kit pad system with an easily adjustable structure with required tension. Likewise, it has a sound ventilation system consisting of 9 air vents. Moreover, polyurethane reinforcement protects its EPS liner from wear and tear, making it more durable.


  • Classic look
  • MIPS system
  • Amazing fit
  • Matte finish
  • Great resistance


  • Limited color options
  • Heavy for kids


This helmet is the most suitable kids BMX bike helmet. If you or your child is obsessed with dark colors and matte finishing, then the Giro Dime BMX helmet can be your go-to helmet. It has a cool design and comfortable structure that encourages long trails.

8. BTN BMX Helmet

BTN BMX Helmet
Image credit: BTN


Having a quality helmet with free accessories is always preferable. This BTN helmet provides a removable black visor that incorporates a sleek, clean, and flexible design. Unlike others, it also gives you a storage box to keep your stuff like Bluetooth, handsfree, cards safely. 

This BTN helmet is secure and trustable as it is a CSPC certified product. Its hard external shell with mesh lining and soft pads delivers the desired fit. Additionally, the clean clicking straps adds to your comfort and safety. The helmet occupies larger air vents than other BMX helmets for maximum ventilation. Its size adjustment dial makes it useable for numerous people as it can fit all sizes. 

Even though it serves best for skateboarding, BMX scooting is not suitable for motorbikes. 


  • Adjustable sizing dial
  • Detachable visor
  • Fits all sizes
  • Reliable


  • Available in Black/White only


This excellent BTN helmet is a perfect choice for your family, friend, or yourself. However, you can only find either black or white BMX helmet under this brand name.

9. Fox Racing Flight Sport Dirt Jumper BMX Helmet

Fox Racing Flight Sport Dirt Jumper BMX Helmet
Image credit: Fox Racing


Accelerate your mounting journey with the best protective gear – a flight sport helmet, an entry-level version of BMX helmets. This helmet is super light in weight due to its single density EPS liner and thin ABS shell. It includes almost eight large vents for increased airflow. 

Fox Racing helmet provides you with a 360 fit system to adjust the size as per your requirements. Its snap buckle closure makes you safe. 


  • Reduced weight
  • Hard outer covering
  • Breathable
  • Polystyrene based inner


  • No visor
  • Lacks proper adjustment


This BMX helmet is a perfect choice for dirt jump and trail as it specializes in this sort of functionality. You can find it in only two colors, i.e., black and white, that get dirty quickly.

10. TSG BMX Superlight Helmet

TSG BMX Superlight Helmet
Image credit: TSG


This TSG lightweight BMX helmet with exceptional protection is quite famous. Its advanced structure connects the internal EPS liner with the outer polycarbonate shell, making it strong and light. We usually hate a helmet that wobbles around the head, but this helmet incorporates a sung fit feature. It keeps your head contracted with the sides of the helmet, maintaining a secure fit. 

The low-fit design of this fantastic helmet covers the backside of the head. It does not affect your vision yet improves safety. It further offers you two heat-sealed pads.


  • Lightweight
  • Low fit design
  • Snug fit technology
  • Well-ventilated


  • Costly


This incredible BMX helmet has an attractive Satin Black color which is a perfect choice for you. Many professional riders also trust and use the TSG helmet for regular riding.

Best BMX Helmet Buying Guide

Everyone wants to get the best BMX helmet, whereas very few know how to make it happen. 

Here is our itemized buying guide to let you know what to consider while purchasing an ideal BMX helmet:

True to Your Size

Best Bmx Helmet

Size is an essential thing to consider while picking up a BMX helmet. Generally, the primary issue in making an online purchase is that it seems almost similar to your size in images, but in actual it is not. Therefore, you need to carefully check out the helmet’s size, including the age group, and head circumference, before finalizing it. 

Alongside this, you can also go for those helmets which provide you the self-adjustment ability. An ideal helmet should be true to your head size and shape. It will give you a cozy fit while maintaining the solace level at its best. 


Almost all modern helmets come with flexible fitting options. But you need to make sure if your one serves you with this opportunity or not. A helmet with an agreeable straps adjusting mechanism along with chin safety padding is usually preferable. It not only provides you the desired fit but also prevents your helmet from sliding during the ride. 


The accessibility of various vents in a helmet allows maximum airflow. It keeps your head sweat-free and cool. In contrast, helmets with a fully covered upper part without air vents cause suffocation. Henceforth, there is a considerable difference between both, and the prior one is more suitable.  

However, the excessive amount of air vents diminish the helmet’s protection ability. Subsequently, you should carefully pick up the one with a moderate number of air vents and maximum safety assurance. 


While buying a BMX helmet, you ought to check the overall weight of the helmet.  If you seek it for your child, then find out the specialized kid’s helmets with lightweight. 

Wearing a heavy helmet causes pain in the head, neck, and shoulder. Therefore, choose the helmet with less weight for regular riding. 


High-quality helmets are always certified by the authorities. They build up customer trust by showing their capabilities. 

Look for those BMX helmets that certify various safety standards. We further advise you to spend a bit extra money buying a certified helmet rather than cheap BMX helmets. It will give value to both your money and life.


Even though riding a BMX bicycle is beneficial from various perspectives, it always asks for protective measures. Subsequently, having the best BMX helmet is also one of the most significant that increases your security. It likewise enhances your overall ride’s pleasure. 

So, we recommend you not to compromise on safety nor put your family, friends, or yourself in danger at all. Instead, buy the best one from BMX helmets Amazon before kick-starting your biking venture. For this purpose, our detailed reviews and comprehensive guide will surely help you. It will let you value your money by selecting an ideal BMX helmet for yourself.