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Best Women’s Bike Helmet 2021: An Absolute and Thorough Buying Guide

Best Women’s Bike Helmet 2021: An Absolute and Thorough Buying Guide

To have an outstanding riding experience, you require the best women’s bike helmet. We know that helmets protect our heads, but there is so much more to the perfect helmet. Aside from protection, helmets for ladies need a bit extra attention in terms of weight and efficiency. A helmet can be tailored to your specific preference by looking at just a few non-debated points.

We have compiled an in-depth guide to help you grasp the features of the best women’s cycling helmets; adjacent to foolproof product recommendations. To find your ideal helmet, keep reading.

Best Womens Bike Helmet

Best Women’s Bike Helmet Analysis: Our Favorite Products

Let us dive straight into our top picks for the best women’s bike helmet.

1. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet
Image credit: Schwinn


Schwinn is a leading developer of bicycles, but it quickly jumped into the bike helmet fashion. It develops helmets that allow people to ride safely and comfortably. 

The Schwinn Thrasher is a universal fit helmet and is available in head sizes of 14 and above. It fits perfectly and snugly on your head, and the light padding is optimal for an adjustable fit. There are several air ventilation holes and moisture absorbent pads that keep the helmet cool and hygienic. The micro shell design is useful in keeping the helmet lightweight while offering maximum safety.


  • Lightweight
  • Micro shell design
  • Adjustable knob
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Confusing size chart
  • Minimal padding
  • Design flaws
  • No safety ratings


Schwinn does not compromise on quality when developing top-tier helmets. The Thrasher gives all women and children fun and cool helmets to choose from. It also has an adjustable dial that helps get you that custom fit according to your head size and hairstyle.  At the given price, it is a terrific option for any woman. The helmet also comes with a clear visor.

2. Zacro Adult Bike Helmet

Zacro Adult Bike Helmet
Image credit: Zacro


Zarco is a well-known brand that develops high-quality helmets. It is known for producing durable and safe helmets that comply with official standards. All helmets are specialized for adult wear and are available in different colors.

The adult bike helmet is CPSC certified and guarantees the utmost protection. It has an adjustable knob alongside straps that help give the helmet a snug fit. The helmet is made of high-density lining with a lightweight shell. About 18 vents are present in the helmet, arranged in a honeycomb fashion. 


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Lightweight
  • CPSC certified
  • Less bulky shell
  • Free facemask
  • Great customer support


  • Loose straps
  • Plastic mesh inner


The Zarco adult bike helmet is one of the most fashionable bicycle helmets for ladies. It has a composed design with functional air vents. The variety of sizes available is also excellent for someone with smaller head size. Overall, the helmet is light with an EPS and PVC shell and a sweat-absorbent lining. The CPSC certification is what makes it our favorite.

3. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Specialized for Men and Women

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Specialized for Men and Women
Image credit: JBM


No matter the type of helmet we talk about, JBM remains a solid contender in the list of our top picks. It is a company that specializes in aerodynamic and ventilation focused helmets, which are perfect for cycling. 

The adult cycling helmet is an in-demand product of many riders. It comes with an adjustable knob that makes it accessible to all head sizes. The whole system is easy-to-use while you are riding your bike. The construction is made up of tough and durable materials without being too heavy. The most popular helmet of JBM’s cycling series is the black and pink bicycle helmet.


  • CPSC certified
  • Adjustable fit
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Lightweight carbon fiber design
  • Impact-resistant shell


  • Low-quality straps
  • Size issues


JBM helmets need no introduction. They have been a consistent contender of our top helmet reviews, which guarantees the quality and durability of its products. This particular cycling helmet is made up of a PVS shell with an EPS foam lining. The ventilation system is impeccable with outstanding airflow. Overall, it offers a lot of perks at a great price.

4. GROTTICO Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet with Light

GROTTICO Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet with Light
Image credit: GROTTICO


GROTTICO is a trusted, registered brand that manufactures protective sports gear. It commits to providing quality products that assure safety and comfort during outdoor activities. They produce very cool looking bike helmets with integrated accessories.

The helmet comes with an adjustable dial fit system and two size choices. The sizes are a bit on the smaller side, which is perfect for women. The construction is in-mold but very tough and lightweight. It comes with a safety light and a removable visor for added features and accessibility. 


  • Safety light
  • Well-constructed
  • CPSC and CE certified
  • Quick-dry padding
  • 23 air vents


  • Limited colors
  • Fitting issues
  • Expensive


Overall, this is a great helmet because it offers many pro-features, such as a cool appearance and integrated accessories. It includes a rechargeable light that works on three light modes. Other than that, it complies with two safety standards. The helmet is lightweight and feels very durable. The twenty three vents make it a must have for hot summer days.

5. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet
Image credit: Giro


Giro Sports Design is an innovative brand that continuously works on producing high-performance helmets. A unique feature about its helmets is that they come with a MIPS fit system. It is a standard for many splendid helmets. They also have a separate series dedicated to women’s helmets.

The Fixture MIPS Adult helmet is a very costly yet, superb quality product. It offers market-leading protection through harsh in-lab tests. MIPS technology utilizes an impact-protection system to revert crashes and bumps. The size chart is simple with universal sizes through an adaptable fit. 


  • High-quality built
  • MIPS protection system
  • Plush padding
  • Removable visor
  • Excellent fit


  • High cost


The Grio adult helmet is one of our best choices on this list. It might be expensive, but the hefty price tag comes with excellent features. Talking about the giro register MIPS review; it gives the assurance that this helmet will protect you from many hits and falls. The adjustable fit is not gimmicky and adjusts to a lot of head sizes. It is very comfortable and well-constructed.

6. Bell Nomad MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Image credit: Bell


Bell nomad is one of the cool girl bike helmets brands that have dark colors and edgy designs. It is known for using MIPS technology in their helmets, alongside a classic ErgoDial.

The adult bike helmet has an in-mold design with a fused shell and EPS liner. The multi-directional impact protection system guarantees safety. The overall design is very sleek and lightweight, which is massive for mountain riding. It comes with fifteen vents and quick-adjust straps. The helmet offers a lot of nice features at a fair price range.


  • MIPS equipped
  • CN EN1078 certified
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Fits great


  • Short chin strap


Many companies claim a certain standard but never fulfill it. Well, this helmet is not one of those. It offers many professional features and has all the bells and whistles, starting from the in-mold construction to the Ergo fit technology and MIPS equipment. We are delighted with the overall looks and fantastic attributes of this Bell Nomad helmet.

7. Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell Sixer MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet
Image credit: Bell


Bell Sixer helmets are always up for grabs in the market. They come with far-reaching specifications and each helmet is better than the previous model. 

The MIPS adult mountain helmet comes with a layered exposed roll cage and a complex fusion built. It makes the helmet very sturdy, and the MIPS integration provides impeccable impact-resistant. The antibacterial padding is very hygienic and provides good adjustment. The vents work well in drawing in cold air and also allow the visor to be placed differently.


  • In-mold shell
  • MIPS equipped
  • Top-notch padding
  • Dual-flow ventilation
  • Adjustable visor
  • CN EN1078 certified


  • The sweat pad system doesn’t work


The Bell Sixer vintage style bicycle helmet is anything but old fashioned. It is equipped with the latest helmet technologies and offers a vast size and color range. The specs mentioned above are top-notch and best in class. We think this is the only helmet offering so much at such a delightful price tag.

8. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet – Urban Casual Commuter Cycling Bicycle Helmet

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet - Urban Casual Commuter Cycling Bicycle Helmet
Image credit: MOKFIRE


MOKFIRE is not a popular brand when it comes to bike helmets, but you are missing out if you haven’t tried it. We can assure you that this company produces some of the best cycling helmets specially integrated for women. 

The shell of a MOKFIRE helmet is made up of the only PC; this makes the helmet safe and strong. When combined with the EPS foam, it is a killer combination in terms of overall built and protection. The design is aerodynamic with eighteen air vents and an integrated visor. It comes in standard sizes, which are adjustable using the hand dial system. 


  • Excellent design
  • Well-ventilated
  • Adjustable fit
  • Impact-resistant


  • Poor-quality padding
  • The helmet falls off easily
  • Small sizes


This particular helmet is perfect for someone with long hair, as it is a bike helmet with a ponytail hole. Although the padding might stick to your hair, when tied that way, but it’s still a cool addition. The insulation and airflow throughout the helmet are amazing. It is snug, secure, and lightweight. Overall, you can adjust plenty of things to give it that perfect fit.

9. SLANIGIRO Adult-Youth Urban Bike Helmet

SLANIGIRO Adult-Youth Urban Bike Helmet
Image credit: SLANIGIRO


SLANIGIRO is not known for producing bike helmets with bleeding edge specifications. Instead, they produce well-constructed and high safety profile helmets that are accessible to everyone. Plus their small shell design looks so cute on women.

This particular helmet comes in wide ranging sizes, from youth to adult. It also meets CPSC and CN EN1078 safety standards. The built-quality is magnificent with large vents. It is very breathable and comes with an integrated safety rear light for night rides.


  • Adult and youth sizes
  • Dual certified
  • Lightweight
  • Safety light
  • Low-profile design


  • Not a lot of colors


SLANIGIRO helmets are the most attractive shaped helmets, which look great on women. These urban styled helmets offer cute bike helmets for ladies, even though they are not available in many colors. It comes with simple modifications and works like any other high-end helmet. All in all, we are in love with these products.

10. PHZ. Mountain Road Bicycle Helmet with Detachable Visor

PHZ. Mountain Road Bicycle Helmet with Detachable Visor
Image credit: PHZ.


PHZ is a registered brand that develops protective sports gear. Its helmets exceed safety standards because they use the finest building materials. The aerodynamic design is offered in size ranges from youth to adult. Unfortunately, they don’t produce very girly bicycle helmets.

The helmet is made up of an in-molding technique, which means that it provides maximum shock absorption and is ultra-light in weight. About twenty-three vents are present to give you a pleasant riding experience. There are adjustable straps and a dial that gives you a reassuring fit. It includes a removable visor and a safety light.


  • Super comfortable
  • Well-integrated accessories
  • Custom-fit
  • Soft padding
  • Travel bag


  • Color fades easily


The best part about the PHZ helmet is that it comes with a portable bag. It is easy to travel with and great for giving as gifts. The USB light offers three blinking modes with long battery life. We are concluding our article with the best pick. If you are looking for a helmet that offers premium quality, go for this one.

Best Women’s Bike Helmet Buying Guide

Womens Bike Helmet

What to Look for In Women’s Bike Helmets?

While riding, you can’t help but look forward to unexpected hazards; this makes wearing helmets a smart move at your end. We always promote helmet use, as it is an essential accessory that guarantees protection from head injuries.

Another great thing is that nowadays, bright colors and elegant shapes are available for women. It explains that there are many things to look for aside from safety ratings to find the best women’s bike helmet.

Before going online to buy a bike women’s helmet, here are a few things you should judge.

Choose a Trustworthy Brand

A reputable brand will most probably offer great features but at a higher price point. But it will prioritize minor things such as insulation, ventilation, and comfort. 

On Amazon, we recommend looking for brands that have good reviews with pictures. It is easy to get hold of a quality product by looking at the provided description. 

Lucky for you, our recommendations contain tried and trusted brands. No matter which product you choose, it is guaranteed to be par excellence in terms of quality. 

Look For High-end Features

Helmets are mostly the same for women and men, so you can always rely on getting top features. A first-class helmet will contain exclusive features such as larger vents and removable padding. It makes the helmet feel light and provides a better fit. Ensure that the large vents don’t come at a surprisingly low price, as it removes the additional safety. A high price will indicate that the helmet is strong enough to withstand concussions. 

Varying Styles and Accessories

Countless helmet styles are available in the market. We recommend going forward from entry-level models and getting something more feature-packed. A helmet can have an adjustable harness and straps to keep them secure on your head. 

Added accessories such as visors and glasses also assist in providing shade from the sun. Some bicycle helmet with lights is great for nighttime rides. Try researching more on the styles and accessories you like and mark down the qualities.

Know Your Usual Hairstyle

Women’s bike helmets usually come in a small size, as the head diameter is smaller. But always consider the amount of hair you need to tuck inside the helmet. Women with thick and long hair might want to go up a size to get a helmet that doesn’t mess up hair

A way to determine the correct size is to know your usual hairstyle. A ponytail, braid, or pigtails are best for women with long to medium hair, while a bandana or sweatband works for short hair.

If you are someone with tiny head size, look for options in the youth helmets section. They also have some great designs without compromising on quality and safety


A primary function of the best women’s bike helmet is to protect riders from head injuries. The top qualities of an excellent cycling helmet include comfort, breathability, and safety assurance. Many brands are furiously competing to create a prime helmet that is available at a nominal price range. But the crowded market makes it challenging to find the best of the best.

We have compiled many outclass helmets in one extensive review to help you find the absolute supreme option. The buying guide will also help take you through different aspects of a bicycle helmet for women. Overall, our write-up directs you to incomparable products in an instant.