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Best Half Helmets 2021: Unbiased Reviews with a Buying Guide

Best Half Helmets 2021: Unbiased Reviews with a Buying Guide

Wearing the best half helmet is preferable for several reasons. It assists the rider with an opportunity to have a more comprehensive view along with optimal airflow. Also, a half helmet enables you to wear glasses, unlike full-sized helmets. 

Although many half helmets are available in the market, choosing the best half helmet is quite tricky. That is the reason we have picked up some of the best half motorcycle helmets for you while considering the quality, design, and features.

Here is the list of all the best half helmets discussed in detail. Keep reading to know more about each of the mentioned ones.

Best Half Helmet

Best Half Helmets Reviews

Vega Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet – Best Quality

Vega Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet
Image credit: Vega


Vega lightweight half helmets are famous across the world. This technology-loaded design of Vega Rebel Warrior Half Helmet presents a streamlined look with a relaxed, comfortable fit. It incorporates a multi-position drop-down sun shield to protect you from sun, bugs, and rain. Additionally, it has a tech wick-dry liner to wick away the moisture while delivering a sound ride.

If you are the one who feels difficulty in having a great fit, then this helmet is for you. Its size adjustment dial system allows you to custom fit your helmet. Hence, the helmet is useable for various people as well, unlike other helmets. Its padded quick-release strap system is comfortable and relatively easy to use, along with the full adjustment opportunity. 

A completely safe, tested, and DOT certified warrior helmet can be your best go-to helmet. Its EPS liner is fully vented with high density to maximize your security.


  • Lightweight & Comfortable to wear
  • Custom Fit
  • Drop-down sun shield
  • Advanced moisture-wicking liner
  • Soft padding


  • Thin lining
  • Shield wobbles a bit
  • Not much favorable for ears-protection


This stylish motorcycle helmet is a decent choice for both men and women. It equips you with lots of features to make your riding journey safe, sound, and memorable. Thus, it is the best bike helmet for those looking for stability with style.

Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap – Best Value

Daytona Slim Line Skull Cap
Image credit: Daytona


Daytona Helmets are famous due to their incredible style and durability. This visually appealing dull black helmet includes a head wrap and cloth drawstring bag to provide you with extreme comfort. This helmet’s skull cap is contoured professionally to keep it straight instead of being inclined, restricting the lift effect. Either you are a patriot or aesthetic color lover, the Daytona helmet provides you with a wide range of overlay options. Consequently, it becomes a helmet with your desired look. 

This half helmet has a conventional fit that is adequately tight enough to guard you. Additionally, the flexible chin strap avoids pinching you again and again while riding at high speed or facing bumps.

This superficial helmet is almost available in 10 different sizes to ensure that at least one fits you best.

If you seek the best low profile half helmet with DOT certification, then Daytona ½ helmet is a perfect choice. 


  • Thick foam cushioning
  • Affordable & Long-lasting
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Comfortable Enough
  • DOT Approved


  • Non-removable or washable interior


This Daytona skull cap is one of the smallest yet legally certified half helmet, which assures you to risk absolutely nothing. Its unique design is suitable for you to enjoy your ride with safety. The half-shell protects your head and brain from injuries in case of an accident or mishap. Hence, it is the best half helmet within the budget for your daily rides.

Daytona Half Helmet – Best Skull Cap

Daytona Half Helmet
Image credit: Daytona


Daytona renders the best low profile dot approved helmets. It always makes sure to produce quality with comfort at an affordable price. If you are looking for design supremacy, then this Daytona helmet is for you. Its skull cap assures you a safe and pain-free ride. 

This helmet’s extreme fit may feel snug, but it’s what makes you tighter yet more supported. It is also an ordinarily liked Daytona half helmet in the market. A random thought exists that this brand’s helmets have a mushroom-like cap, whereas in real Daytona has no mushroom head motorcycle helmet.

This fantastic helmet’s chin strap has a quick releasing lock. It further allows the chin strap adjustment either forward or backward to avoid any irritation or distraction while riding. 


  • Utmost fit
  • DOT verified
  • Reasonable price


  • No visor


This carbon fiber-based half helmet is available in three different shell sizes. You can also get it in your favorite color or design by making a customer demand. If you love having exceptional designs, then this helmet is best for you.

GLX M14 Cruiser Half Helmet – Bluetooth Connectable 

GLX M14 Cruiser Half Helmet
Image credit: GLX


This minimalistic designed helmet carries a dynamic layout configuration. It is internally pampered with extensive fabrication to present plush inner liner components. Also, this 1/2 helmet with a retractable shield provides you integrated protection from the sun-beams.

Its microfiber internal material is the most attractive specialty because it is removable, washable, and replaceable. It consolidates premium synthetic leather besides the liner’s lower edge, which increases the helmet’s overall durability and adds to the style. GLX M14 has additional built-in compartments to place your audio enhancements feasibly within it. Hence, it aids you to communicate while riding. Its quick-release strap further makes it convenient for you to on and off the helmet.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Low-price
  • Detachable and washable liner
  • Two face shields
  • Space or communication gadgets


  • Limited size and colors


This GLX M14 cruiser is the best helmet with an innovative design. Its premium characteristics make it versatile, and it incorporates both clear and tinted face shields. If you are looking for half helmets with Bluetooth, this one is the most desirable choice. It maintains high-quality standards and promises to give you a harmless ride.

ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet – Budget Friendly

ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet
Image credit: ILM


ILM face helmet has a cool design with a high-quality ABS shell that can absorb shocks. Also, it has an EPS inner foam with increased density to guarantee the rider’s utmost safety. 

It is a half helmet with a drop-down visor, which is detachable and replaceable. Its tinted sun visor covers you from harmful rays. However, you can also purchase a clear visor separately. Additionally, it also has an easy to release buckle like others. It highlights a standard ventilation system that lessens the heat effect on the head. 


  • Lightweight
  • Drop-down detachable visor
  • Quality build-up
  • Quick-release chin strap


  • Available in limited sizes


This half helmet is suitable for both genders with varied color options. It is a highly affordable yet convenient helmet that comes in a universal black color so that you can use it with any motorbike.

LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet – Premium Design

LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet
Image credit: LS2


This helmet’s revolutionary design has a stylish and enduring outer shell made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA). It is relatively lightweight with high performance. This half-shell helmet also holds a ported ventilation, which keeps you cool even during the hotter days. Its dual-density EPS is unique in itself, too, with an easy to release step. 

LS2 Rebellion helmet has a short peak, and Twin Shield System drops down to shield you against the UV rays. Additionally, this protecting sun shield gives you freedom of choice with two more options, including either the little shade at 1/2 lock or the full shade. 

This helmet also encourages technological advancements and sets up to Bluetooth communication system for the riders. 


  • Low-through ventilation
  • Moisture-wicking washable liner
  • Durable shell
  • Two Shield System


  • A bit expensive
  • Little noisy


It is the best half helmet with both technological and traditional qualities. It encompasses what you need, including flow-through ventilation and hypoallergenic fiber lining, moisture-wicking, removable, and washable inner. Hence, it is an excellent choice for the price.

SOXON NTNK N325 Half Helmet – Highly Versatile

SOXON NTNK N325 Half Helmet
Image credit: SOXON


This European style helmet has a one-handled “click and secure” quick-release fastener that ensure its feasible opening and closing in all cases. The inner lining is quite soft but partially movable and washable. Besides, this helmet can prevent smell and promote gentle skin tolerance even in the case of allergies.

The advanced cushioning of this half helmet confirms the comfort as per your head shape and size. Additionally, it comes with a metal security ring to place your helmet safely with the bike.


  • European style
  • Classic fit
  • Quick-release fastener
  • Metal Security ring


  • Partially removable and washable


This helmet is highly versatile with numerous prominent features. It is one of the best women’s half shell motorcycle helmets with a secure design.

Bell Rogue Half Helmet – Most Stylish

Bell Rogue Half Helmet
Image credit: BELL


The carbon fiber half shell motorcycle helmets of Bell are well-known due to their lightweight and loyalty. Although this Bell Rogue half helmet appears like a half helmet, yet it provides a 3/4 fit. The Flex energy controlling inner liner optimizes the temperature and makes you feel good in every season. Its aggressive shielding guards you against natural occurrences and surroundings. 

Bell motorcycle half helmets have a demountable muzzle for face protection. The advanced Magnefusion Emergency Removal System incorporates magnetic cheek pads to wear it on and off in a hurry quickly. Its DOT verification, and integrated vented roost guard makes it an ideal pickup for you. 


  • Solid shell
  • Cushioned liner
  • Removable muzzle
  • Washable liner


  • No protection shield
  • High-priced


Bell half shell motorcycle helmets have a novel style that can make you stand out from the crowd. So, if you want to look different, then you have to choose differently. There is nothing else on the road like the Bell Rogue Half helmet.

Things to Consider While Buying a Half Helmet

Although buying a helmet is not a big deal, yet getting the best one is tough. That is why experts suggest you should know it all before you purchase it. 

Therefore, we have mentioned the things you need to keep in mind while choosing an ideal helmet for yourself. 


Whenever it comes to safety, the helmet’s material matters the most. It is the topmost element that plays a crucial role in your security while riding. Hence, you must consider the helmet’s material and pick up the right one for yourself.

Most of the helmets contain high-grade plastics along with some reinforcing agents. However, the best ones embrace thermosetting plastic with potential strength and a little elasticity. Besides that, consider the helmets with sound reinforcement as it contributes a lot towards the increment of impact resistance. 


Size is the most critical factor while buying a motorcycle helmet because everyone has a head of a different shape and size. The best motorcycle helmet will fit your head in a snug and will give you the maximum protection. 

We advise you to make sure of the correct size by wearing and checking the helmet before purchasing. 


Generally, style attracts you the most, but you will find quite similarly styled half helmets everywhere in the case of motorcycle helmets. 

However, the differentiating peculiarities you may require to focus on include the helmet’s color, design, overlays, etc. These attributes may cost you a little more, but you will worth having them.  


Even though all the brands claim their helmets’ durable nature, we recommend you to always look for the certified ones.

Miscellaneous Features

Likewise regular helmets, some half helmets also incorporates multiple features. These may include the availability of antimicrobial pads, Bluetooth support, extra air vents, etc. 

Although these helmets cost higher than usual, yet magnify the overall conformability.


Buying an expensive half helmet does not assure your safety nor the helmet’s durability. That is the reason you should go for the one that is achievable within your budget. 

Several high-quality branded half motorcycle helmets for sale are there in the market. You need to have an in-depth look to find out the best one for yourself.


The best half helmet makes you feel comfortable and protective while riding. It is stable, sturdy, and reliable enough to serve the purpose of safety in the best possible manner. 

Even though a wide range of half helmets is accessible, we suggest you check half helmets reviews in detail before selecting an ideal one for yourself. For this purpose, you can take a guide from this article or the official Amazon website. 

Alongside this, if you already have a helmet, but you are not sure whether you should change it or not, then have a look at our replacement guide.